Soccer Equipment

Soccer is played on a rectangular pitch of length ranging from 100 to 110 meters and width ranging from 65-75 meters. With eleven players playing for the each side, they have to cover the whole field as a team in order to score goals against the opponents and also prevent the opponents from scoring against them which requires the team members to effectively cover the whole field.

There are thousands of football fields around the world. As far as equipment is concerned, soccer players are meant to wear certain safety equipment, along with the basic gear such as shoes and team uniforms. The goal keeper is allowed to wear hand gloves in order to protect them from the fast approaching footballs. There has been little change over the years in the gear that players wear on the field. The football with which the games are played has although seem many technological advancements.


Soccer Field

The soccer fields have standard measurements which are widely used all around the world. These fields, also known as pitches have different dimensions depending upon the age group of the players who play on the pitch. Hence, one can find soccer fields of varying dimensions as the sizes are depending upon the players participating in the game. But one rule which is applicable in all the soccer fi...


Soccer Equipment

Just like any other game, soccer also needs few gears and equipments which are necessary for playing the game. Even though there are no sophisticated gears used in this game, the basic gears are very important for the safety of the players. Some of the gears used in soccer according to the laws of the governing body FIFA include a jersey or a shirt, shorts, stockings, footwear and shin guards. F...


Soccer Stadiums

Soccer being the world's most played game; it is bound to enjoy few perks compared to other games. The venues of the soccer matches have undergone drastic changes since the olden days. As the number of people following soccer increases every day and most of the soccer clubs have a huge fan following, the number of spectators who come to watch the matches keeps on increasing and so does the deman...


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