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Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, played by as many as 250 million players in more than 200 countries and is viewed by billions. Soccer is also known as Association football or just football. The game was named as association football, in order to distinguish it from the various other forms of football like rugby football and American football. Later the word 'Soccer' was used in the year 1895 for the first time.

The origin of football goes back to the Chinese military manuals dating back to second and third century BC. The earliest form of football in England goes back to the eighth century. Whereas the recent much evolved soccer as we know today is being developed since the mid nineteenth century.

In the late 18th century, many schools came up with different sets of rules and regulations for the game which differed from one club to another. In order to bring uniformity in the rules and regulations of the game, Football Association was formed in the year 1863. Later on in the year 1886, the International Football Association Board was formed and as the popularity of the game began to increase with so many people, the International Federation of Association Football which was formed in Paris in 1904 adhering to the rules of the Football association was admitted into the International Football Association Board in the year 1913.

The present day soccer is the most played form of the game and also the most watched game. There are many different competitions and championships that happen around the year throughout the world. The major soccer event in the world is the FIFA World Cup, held once in every four years. It has more than 190 teams taking part in the qualifying rounds in order to be one of the 32 national teams which compete for the world cup. Apart from the world cup, there are many continental championships and other league championships are also few of the premier football events.

The normal football game consists of eleven players, but there are some other variations of soccer with varying number of team members and different sets of rules. FIFA's women's world cup soccer was held for the first time in the year 1991 and been held once in every four years.

Soccer is one of the most common street sports played by people all over the world. Its popularity has only been increasing since the time its inception and today there are numerous local clubs and training centers in every city where one can join and learn the game.



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