Soccer Positions

One of the most important things to know about soccer is the positioning of the players. A soccer team is made up of one goal keeper and ten outfield players. These outfield players fill up various positions that are depended on the deployed formation by either the team captain or the coach. These position assign the role that a plays and are the result of the constant evolution of the game of soccer. Some players can play in numerous positions and are known as utility players.

Goalkeeper: A role of goalkeeper is the most specialized one among all the players. The goalkeeper is assigned the task of guarding the goal post of the team. This is the only clearly assigned position according to the laws of the game. They are also the only players that can touch the ball with their hands and wear jerseys that differ from the rest of the team.

Defender: A defender plays behind the midfielders and supports the goalkeeper. They are assigned to move in the half of the field on their side and keep the ball away from the goalkeeper. They are divided into center-back, full-back, sweeper and wingback.

Midfielder: These players occupy the position between the defenders and the strikers. Their main role is to pass the ball from the defenders to the strikers standing close to the opposite team's goal post.

Forward: This is the position nearest to the competing team's goal post. These players are given the responsibility to score goals for the team.



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