Soccer Stadiums

Soccer being the world's most played game; it is bound to enjoy few perks compared to other games. The venues of the soccer matches have undergone drastic changes since the olden days. As the number of people following soccer increases every day and most of the soccer clubs have a huge fan following, the number of spectators who come to watch the matches keeps on increasing and so does the demand for larger venues.

Nowadays, there are many venues coming up with huge seating capacities all over the world. There are generally two types of stadiums which are used to host soccer matches. There are multipurpose stadiums where apart from soccer other sporting events can also be held and the other one is the soccer specific stadiums, these are the stadiums which are designed specifically to host soccer.

There are many big stadiums all over the world with their seating capacities going beyond 100,000 people. The biggest stadium is Rungrado May Day Stadium in North Korea. The surprising part is, the country is not so much into soccer, but their multipurpose May Day stadium capable of hosting soccer events has the seating capacity of 150,000.

Second in the list is the Salt Lake Stadium in Kolkata, India with a capacity of 120,000 which again hosts soccer as well as athletic events. Estadio Azteca Stadium in Mexico is soccer specific and can seat 105,000 people. Australia's Melbourne Cricket Grounds with a capacity of 100,000 and is used by the country's national soccer team and similarly the list goes on.



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