Soccer Equipment

Just like any other game, soccer also needs few gears and equipments which are necessary for playing the game. Even though there are no sophisticated gears used in this game, the basic gears are very important for the safety of the players. Some of the gears used in soccer according to the laws of the governing body FIFA include a jersey or a shirt, shorts, stockings, footwear and shin guards.

FIFA makes it mandatory for the players to wear shin guards, since shins are the area which are more prone to get hurt during the course of the game. According to the federation's regulations shin guards used must be manufactured out of a suitable material and should be capable of providing a reasonable degree of protection. The shin guards are generally made out of plastic, rubber or other similar substances.

Most of the clubs and training centers provide their own jerseys and shorts to its members. The colors are selected to avoid confusion with the players from the opposite team while passing the ball.

The next part is choosing soccer cleats or shoes. Even though there are no specific FIFA regulations for the kind of shoes or cleats to be worn during a soccer match, it is preferable to buy a pair of soccer cleats. One should not wear open toe shoes or footwear while playing soccer.

In addition to all these, the goalkeeper gets to wear a pair of gloves. These gloves need to be comfortable and a bit bigger than the hand. One should not forget to buy a football if they want to play soccer.



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