Soccer Field

The soccer fields have standard measurements which are widely used all around the world. These fields, also known as pitches have different dimensions depending upon the age group of the players who play on the pitch. Hence, one can find soccer fields of varying dimensions as the sizes are depending upon the players participating in the game. But one rule which is applicable in all the soccer fields is the field should be rectangular.

When it comes to international matches, the pitch measurements have to be specific and more concise so as to conform to the rules and regulations set forth by the governing body FIFA. The standard size of an international soccer pitch according to the FIFA regulations should be of length ranging from 110 to 120 yards or 100 to 110 meters and a width ranging from 70 to 80 yards or 64 to 75 meters.

The venues hosting non international matches can have a slight variation in its dimensions with the length of about 100 to 130 yards or 91 to 120 meters and a width ranging from 50 to 101 yards or 45 to 91 meters. The soccer pitch should be rectangular in appearance. Generally the pitch surface is made of natural turf or artificial grass, which cushions the falls of players. During the course of a match, the pitch is divided into four zones viz, offensive zone, defensive zone, midfield and goal zone with different number of players posted in each zone.



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