Warming up before playing soccer

Playing soccer involves a lot of physical activity as the player needs to keep on running most of the time in the football field in order to score a goal for the team or to prevent the other team from scoring a goal over the complete duration of the game. The duration of the game is 90 minutes along with some extra time whenever it is applicable and is divided into two halves of 45 minutes each with a short break in between.

Playing soccer is very good for the physical health of the enthusiasts or players as the much needed physical activity for the body allows the person to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Just like in any other games, practice is very essential for soccer as well. While learning, one should understand the roles of each of the players in the team and learn the various techniques involved in the game. Continuous practice makes them become stronger, wiser and better athletes, but before atarting the practice session or before playing a match the players should be properly warmed up.

There are various warming up exercises or techniques that can be followed which includes the players repeatedly stepping on the football alternating their feet or the players can stand a bit far apart from each other holding the ball and they can slump the ball and then step on the ball to prevent it from bouncing back for few times along with jogging around the football field are some of the warm up exercises which everyone can follow.



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